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Best payment gateways in UAE

What is a payment gateway? 

Payment Gateway is an online payment service that allows your store to accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets, and other online payment options without worrying about handling sensitive information or having secure payment forms. 

Are you looking to integrate a payment gateway into your app or business? Then you are at the right place. Usage of payment gateways should be based on your customer’s preference. However, as far as e-commerce platforms are concerned, it’s a must-needed service. A payment gateway is a processing service for financial transactions between businesses and their customers.

Factors that should be considered while choosing the best gateway in UAE

  • Payment Technology: What checkout options are available, how secure is the payment gateway, can customers pay in another currency, and how fast does the transaction process?
  • Shipping, Return & Replacements: What are the return and refund policies of the supplier? How long does it take for an order to be fulfilled, shipped, and delivered to your door? Is there a maximum order limit per month or year? 
  • What are the hours of availability for the host? Does the host keep extended hours, or is it only available from 8-5? There is a possibility that their team may be asleep during crucial times for your business.
  • Payment Technology: What checkout options are available, how secure is the payment gateway, can customers pay in another currency, and how fast does the transaction process?


Telr is a global payment gateway for merchants, digital marketers, and e-commerce companies that want to expand into emerging markets. Telr offers the best payment gateway integrations to help you grow your E-Commerce business aggressively in the MENA region.

Telr payment gateway comes with an array of options that are tailored to meet the needs of merchants, sellers, and payment gateways. The need for a seamless payment gateway integration is to make it as simple and convenient as possible for customers. Telr provides you with a fully customized, personalized solution to suit your needs.

To open an account with Telr, you must first go to their website. Once you have completed all of the formalities, you will be given the key to access the website and documentation, as well as access to their support page.

Once you have successfully” verified “, you will be asked to create a branch in the system. You should fill out all the information and make sure it is accurate and complete. This section contains all the information you need about getting started with Telr. Once you have created your account, this is where will find a full list of our tools and services, including pricing details and descriptions. 

Amazon Payment Services

Payfort is one of the best payment gateways in UAE and as a result, you will not find any additional fee. This is the main reason why many e-commerce entrepreneurs use Payfort in their businesses. The reliability, faster transactions, and profitability

Payfort payment gateway for Amazon is one of the best payment gateways for Arab countries. Payment gateway most suitable for Amazon Sellers”

Payfort is a leading payment gateway in the UAE helping thousands of merchants accept credit and debit cards, pay pal, cheque, ACH, Ewallet, etc. for online and mobile payments. A payment solution that offers a wide range of online payment methods and credit card processing, allowing you to focus on selling while Payfort handles transactions processing and fraud management


Shopping in the UAE is made easy with Chekout.com, we offer you a hassle-free payment experience with our secure and reliable service. We provide safe payment gateway solutions from the world’s top brands. Checkout.com connects a large network of merchants, payment processors, and banks around the globe, giving their clients easy access to the local payment methods in their respective countries. Be in the vanguard and enjoy high ROI. Optimize your business performance, acquire new customers and grow your revenue with Checkout’s state-of-the-art eCommerce gateway as effective as it is cost-effective.


Cashu provides convenient, secure, and fast online payment solutions for both consumers and business owners without requiring any credit card or bank details. This is a secure payment gateway that provides online merchants with cost-effective solutions to sell their products and services online. Cashu is a financial services platform that offers consumers, as well as businesses, a wide range of financial products in the Middle East and North Africa.Cashu provides a superior payment solution for your E-Commerce website, Online Payment Gateway, and e-wallet services.


PayTabs, a gateway in the UAE founded in 2014, is well known for its cutting-edge payment processing and fraud prevention technology.PayTabs is a gateway in the UAE established in 2014, known for its cutting-edge payment processing and fraud prevention technology. It makes it possible to process transactions from over 120 countries, thus simplifying global transactions.PayTabs has introduced a payment gateway in the UAE that features multiple processors as well as a single consolidated virtual terminal (VAN) or a multi-VAN for your convenience.Per Transaction Cost: PayTabs Start-Up (up to $ 2000): None, PayTabs Growth Plan (over $ 2000): 2.7% + AED 1, PayTabs Enterprise (over $ 100,000): more information on their website.  

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